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Janitorial Services

PCC Janitors ensure buildings such as schools, offices, student accommodation, hospitals, retail stores, and residential buildings stay clean and in good condition. Their primary responsibility is as a cleaner, but in many cases our janitors also perform security and maintenance tasks. While most janitors work indoors, some work outdoors at times, for example external litter picks, leaf blowing, removing residues or sweeping walkways.

The Janitorial Services tasks may include:

  • Cleaning windows and mirrors
  • Replenish cleaning and maintenance supplies
  • Remove waste and empty bins.
  • Manage Bin-rooms and put out for collection
  • Organize janitorial storage areas
  • Check & Record Meter readings
  • Replace Bulbs in common areas
  • Clean, Hoover, and Polish Lifts.
  • Notify and update supervisors about items for repair
  • Spot Carpet Cleaning as required
  • Car park management
  • Record activity and Maintain cleaning charts
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Our Guarantee

If you’re not happy with our Janitorial Services, we will do it again free of charge.

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