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Commercial Window Cleaning

Dublin's Most Reliable Commercial Window Cleaning Service

We specialize in all aspects of window and facade cleaning using the very latest in water purification and pole cleaning systems. We are specialists in using water fed poles to access windows of heights up to 65 feet (approx six floors).

This method is one of the safest methods of cleaning windows as it eliminates the need to work at height, maintains privacy, creates minimal disruption and reduces costs. We use water purified firstly at our HQ and again through our tanks and equipment on site during the cleaning process. This advanced four stage filtration system runs water through sediment filters, carbon filters, RO filters (Reverse Osmosis) & finally resin filters for deionising/polishing giving your glass a polished & guaranteed streak free finish.

  • 24/7 Support Available 
  • 100% Turn up Rate.
  • Fully Supervised Staff
  • Short Notice Service
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Our Guarantee

If you’re not happy with our Commercial Window Cleaning, we will do it again free of charge.

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